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a find from 2004

On October 30, 2004, I flew to Louisville KY to second shoot a wonderful wedding for Allegra’s Studio.  A couple years later, I shot that groom’s sister’s wedding down on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina.  I’d almost forgotten about the images from the Kentucky wedding – since it wasn’t my client, I didn’t do anything with them afterward, other than backing them up for safekeeping.

I ran across this shot quite by accident – I was pulling images from a different October 2004 wedding, but clicked on this folder instead, and this particular image just screamed at me.  I haven’t even looked at this shot in almost eight years.  It’s like the past jumped up in my face to give me a present.

Taking a look back at where I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, and the ways I saw them.  It makes me that much more excited to find out where I’m going.  I hope you like this image half as much as I do.