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are you ready?

Ready for what, you ask?  Why, ready for this blog to BLOW RIGHT THE HELL UP, that’s what!  It’s crazy wedding season time again!!!  And we are SLAMMED for the next few months, so there will be bunches of new pictures and stories to read about, plus I still have about a dozen features that were published in the wedding blogs that I never had the time to talk about here!

This has been an amazing month so far… shooting with my best friend, watching new and old friends commit their lives to one another, watching little Miss Bean hog the house phone for hours at a time (seriously… she’s eight!  I don’t think I commanded the house phone until I was at least twelve!), and just enjoying this time in our lives.  It’s been awesome… and busy.  I’ve barely had enough time/energy left to respond to emails lately!  Hopefully sometime a little later today we can take a break from the editing to post a few pictures from recent sessions, and maybe a couple of those blog feature links.  And then we’ll go from there :).

So, I’m posting from my phone and I can’t show you any teaser images from those last few weddings or portrait sessions yet until I get back to my desk, but I *can* show you our new haircuts!  Mike and I both chopped off all our hairs!

My head is actually quite a bit larger than Mike’s, so I make him stand closer to the lens so I feel better about my giant head.  Yes, that is extremely vain of me.  Don’t care.