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catching up

It feels like I’m always playing catch-up these days… I let a day slip by here, an afternoon there, and before you know it I’m a month behind on blogging and I haven’t colored my hair since the fall. It’s not pretty, and I’m sorry!

We’re fast approaching a crazy few months ahead… a bridal portrait tonight, my sister’s wedding next weekend (my baby sister is GETTING MARRIED!!!), five weddings and a few engagement sessions in May, more weddings and engagements in June… my head is spinning! I’ll try like crazy to keep the website up to date with the latest and greatest as time goes on… but if you’ve been reading my blog for any time now, you know I operate in fits and starts. It’s how I do everything, really. I binge.

In the last few months, I have been tickled to DEATH by all the wedding blogs that have picked up my work… but I never did find the time to brag about it on the site. So, over the next week, I’ll be catching up on those posts, and maybe if I find a spare hundred hours I’ll re-do my galleries. Baby steps, yo.

I’m gonna start off with a feature from one of my very favorite wedding blogs, Poptastic Bride. Cynthia at Poptastic has such incredible taste, and that blog is so full of great features, awesome finds, lots of fun and whimsical weddings and engagements… she really has an eye for personality-driven, unique details. Total eye candy over there, so if you haven’t subscribed to her feed yet, do it now. Right now.

One of the reasons Cynthia and Poptastic Bride are at the top of my list is the writing – she takes SUCH care to include every detail, to contact each bride directly and talk to them about their weddings, the interview process is involved and personal, and I feel this really creates a much more intimate and warm feeling to each post – the reader almost feels like they KNOW the bride and the photographer, they can almost see the wedding played out in their minds. She has featured two of my weddings this year, and both were given such personal, hands-on care, and were represented PERFECTLY in the features. It’s some of the best wedding blog writing I’ve seen, and I definitely plan to continue my friendship with Cynthia for years to come :). She’s the shizz.

Martha and Neil were featured on Poptastic Bride on January 4, 2012:

Mill at Fine Creek Wedding featured on Poptastic Bride

Click through to see what I mean about Cynthia’s incredible writing, the exhaustive interviewing and quoting process, and how at the end of the story, you just KNOW Martha. Like, you KNOW that woman, down to her toes.

Thank you, Cynthia, for being such an awesome blogger, and for seeing something special in my work :).

I’ll be back again real soon with more feature news!