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Connie + Sean | a Wedding on Ocean Isle

“We’d throw stones into the sea
There were no others there
Just you and me”
~Colin Hay

This is the kind of wedding most of us want, after all.  A perfectly curated guest list, 20-some people.  As many as could fit in your home, or in your favorite bar.  The setting you dreamed of from the first moment you met the one.  Every detail hand-made, hand-delivered, hand-inspected by the bestest of best friends, sisters and brothers, people you couldn’t dream of living a day without.  This.  This is the wedding we all want.

Connie and Sean dreamed of a wedding by the sea, surrounded only by the people who love them most, and enveloped by the warm breezes of the southern Atlantic.  They waited their whole lives for this.  That’s a good lesson for all of us.  When you wait for what’s right, for what’s completely you, for what makes perfect sense… well.  You get to have it all.