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Courtney + Eric | a Wedding at Poplar Grove in Wilmington, NC

“Everything about that day was perfect and I’m so happy to have these pictures
to remind me how lucky I am for amazing friends and family who are in my life.
You guys really capture some precious, tender moments that I will truly hold dear for the rest of my life.
I am so glad we have you both in our lives!
We need to hang out soon! Let’s play cards against humanity and drink beers!”

When Courtney and Eric attended our wedding last March, Eric came dressed in lavender pants, shirt, and tie, making the coolest entrance I’ve ever seen, and Courtney pretty much showed up the rest of the guests with her perfect posture, incredible red lips, and an elegance that radiates from her every pore.  They were both so memorable that even a year later, our family members mention them (“are you still friends with Purple Suit Guy and his Gorgeous Girlfriend with the Red Lipstick?”)We couldn’t make quite the same impression at their wedding (we have zero fashion sense.  I mean, we’re just awful), so we just brought a bunch of cameras and tried to be unobtrusive, while surrounded by about 35 of our favorite people in the world.

Photographing a friend’s wedding isn’t the easiest thing.  I mean, you want to do an even better job than normal, and that’s not always possible.  You over-shoot, because you love your friends, and because their guests are your friends, and because all those little pieces of the wedding that make you smile as a photographer, make you BEAM as a friend.  You take the same shot from twenty different angles because you love these people, you love their decorations, you love remembering that hour-long conversation about daisies and burlap, and even when you’re flat sick of seeing burlap at weddings, you love, you just freaking love the way your friend used burlap, because she’s a genius and you love her.

So we shot way too much at this wedding, and we spent way too much time editing it, and I am emotionally attached to each and every image that we delivered.

We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Spears.  Beers very soon.

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Venue: Poplar Grove PlantationCeremony Music: Maura Kropke, Violinist
Catering: Middle of the Island