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Julie and Jake: A Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session

Julie and Jake are getting married this December at the Cobblestones in downtown Raleigh.  They have this magical wedding evening planned, with gorgeous lighting and an absolutely picture-perfect charming downtown scene to surround them on their wedding day… I am really looking forward to this one!  Also, in my experience, every couple that picks a December wedding date is a cool couple indeed.

We collaborated a lot on picking locations for their engagement session, and finally landed on Dorothea Dix for photos with their two awesome dogs, followed by a few obligatory skyline shots at Boylston Bridge, and then a romp around the downtown district.  It worked out perfectly, and we even had enough time for a beer at the end (I love it when that happens)!

I don’t know if his size translates well on your screen… but let me just tell you, Riley (the big white dog in the foreground) is HUUUUGE.  Like, surprisingly so.  And he’s still a puppy, so for the entire “Jake+Julie+pups” part of the engagement session, he romped and played and rolled around.

So we live in Wilmington.  The only glimpse we ever get of our own skyline is when we drive over one of the bridges across the Cape Fear and into Wilmington.  I have to admit being a tad bit jealous of Raleigh’s skyline and all the magnificent spots you can see it from.

Julie and Jake, we are SO excited to be working with you!  Your engagement session was an absolute blast, and I can only imagine how completely awesome your wedding day will be!  Thank you for the post-session drink, and for being so cool throughout your wedding planning!  You guys ROCK.