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Beth and Mike: a downtown Wilmington engagement session

These guys are getting married 364 days after our wedding, in downtown Raleigh.  We originally were going to try for a first anniversary getaway, maybe to the mountains or something.  Then Beth and Mike happened, and we realized how much more fun it’ll be shooting their wedding than driving to the mountains.

We’ll probably still take that getaway, though.  I mean, we’re not shooting ON our anniversary.

We started their engagement session at Wrightsville Beach, but it didn’t feel right for their personalities.  So we moved it to downtown Wilmington, where they fit right into the scene and the surroundings and everything just sort of fell into place.  If it hadn’t been 238 degrees out that day, it would have been PER.FECT.

We fully, completely, head over heels LOVE these guys.  They’re so much fun to hang out with and talk to, they were super easy to photograph, Mike is some kind of sexy romantic model man disguised as an engineer, and they’re extremely low maintenance clients.  Like, I couldn’t get Beth to freak out about the wedding if I paid her to try.  So, yeah.  Overflowing love for these two.