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Steph and Ian: A Downtown Wilmington Engagement Session

When we started planning Steph and Ian’s engagement session, Steph told us that they were into board games.  I was like “Cool!  I like board games too!”  Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue… all super fun times!

Yeah, they’re not playing Scrabble.  I don’t even know what these games are, honestly, but I think I’d need about 20 more IQ points to start grasping them.  Mike had a pretty good grasp on the games they brought, but he’s on a totally different level from me.  I’m more Pearl Jam.  He’s more Pig Destroyer.  I’m more True Blood, he’s more “quirky British show that no one’s ever heard of that only lasted one season and can only be found on obscure websites”.  See?  So it makes total sense that I’d be Scrabble and he’d be Insanely Complicated Game For Smart People.

I’m intrigued by this game.  Look at those cards!  They’re so pretty!  And there’s something happening there, like obstacle building or something.  What’s sad is, Ian explained a lot of what was going on while we were shooting, but I only pretended like I was taking it all in.  But maybe one day Mike will buy something for us to play that’s beyond my normal board game knowledge and I’ll learn something.  And then I can come back and edit this post and not feel so dumb!

We packed up the games and dragged these two around some haunts of downtown… Aubriana’s, the riverwalk, Cape Fear Wine and Beer, and a few stairwells.

I think the best part of hanging out with Steph and Ian was watching their banter and their interactions.  They can escape wherever they are and just fall into one another, just like that, and it’s so fun to watch.  We get to shoot part II of this engagement session on the Sunday before Labor Day, at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market… and then we get to shoot Steph’s bridal portrait at a riding farm outside Durham, and THEN their wedding happens on October 12th in Elkin!  Pretty freaking excited about everything 2013 right now :).  It’s turning out to be a wonderful year.