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duke gardens wedding | sherri+silas

There’s a certain type of couple, and these are rare, whose personalities combine to create this quiet, warm, and peaceful calm… and everything they do, everyone they touch, is affected by it.

Even when there’s chaos (the threat of rain at an outdoor ceremony, forcing the barely-even-considered “Plan B” into place, for instance), that pervasive calm takes over, makes the unplanned feel like The Plan.  Not even a set of too-loud speakers on the dance floor could wipe away the serenity that Sherri and Silas carry around with them.

Individually, these are wonderful people.  Sherri: sweet and natural; Silas: charming and welcoming.  Together, they’re magic.  They both light up like Christmas trees when the other is around.   One of my favorite parts of capturing their wedding day was exactly this – watching their faces, their bodies, their eyes and smiles and postures – transform, instantly, the moment the other was in view.

Their peaceful approach to life carried through their entire wedding day with simple attire and decor, a no-frills approach to every part of their wedding, the emphasis solidly on the Marriage, on Family, on Love and Friendship.  Their priorities were so evident in every part of their wedding day.  These are the weddings that should happen more often.


Ceremony and Reception: Sarah P. Duke Gardens
Coordination: Sally Oakley
Catering: Durham Catering
Flowers: Tre Bella Florist
Cakes: Sugarland
DJ: Dave Mueller