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engaged! Lauren and Randy


I first met Lauren when she contacted me about shooting her wedding this July on the Cape Fear River.

Yes, that’s right – they’re getting married on the Cape Fear River in July.  The hot kind of July.  Mid-summer.  River.  It may be a bit warm out that day 🙂

What I loved most about Lauren when we first talked was how utterly laid back and non-bridezilla she was, and how much faith she put in me and my abilities.  She was all, “yeah, your portfolio rocks and I love your work and your personality, so where do I sign?”  SO easy, SO not panicked, SO awesome.  And even as the time draws nearer and all reports say that this July will be a scorcher of unusual proportions, Lauren remains ultra-cool.  “Yeah, so we’ll just have lots of ice water and fans and stuff.  Of course it’ll be hot, it’s July!”  She’s so fabulous.  You really have to love a bride who’s that grounded, you know?



Since this winter has been crazy warm, we lucked out with a really nice FEBRUARY day in downtown Wilmington for the shoot.   We hit all the alleyways, the riverfront, Front Street, and then headed over to Greenfield Lake to catch some beautiful light through the trees close to sunset.



Randy is pretty adorable, and has the best expressions… you can’t help but feel how much he loves Lauren, just looking at that sweet, almost shy smile of his, right?  And Lauren is so elegant, with such incredible features – I honestly can not WAIT for their wedding!  Yeah, okay, so it’ll be hot.  I’ll probably bring a few changes of clothes and a cooler of ice and bug spray.  And at some point I know I’ll text my BFF Kim to bitch about how hot it is.  But at least I’ll be working with fabulous people who really appreciate what I do… it makes all the difference in the world!  Check back in mid-July for a sneak peek from their wedding!!!  Eeeeeeeee!!!