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Family Portraits: The McElroys

I can’t tell you how much we love this family.  I met them way back in 2004, almost ten years ago, for Leigh and Cliff’s wedding on Daufuskie Island SC.  Then, another family wedding for Deb and Jason.  Then people started having kids and I got to shoot kids portraits and family reunion portraits… today, Deb and Jason’s little one is FOUR and they’re expecting another little girl… Leigh and Cliff have two little boys, and I think Grier is about six years old now… and I just feel old.  After typing all of that, I feel old.  Great.

Back to the whole point of this: I love these people.  I’m proud to have been the photographer they call whenever they need photos, and I’m proud to have watched this family grow bigger and louder and more chaotic every year.  I love you guys.  One day I need to put together a retrospective post with highlights from ALL of the McElroy/Hendren events and portrait sessions.

Toddlers make for fun outtakes