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featured: Fresh Squeezed Weddings!

In case you haven’t gotten your fill (and then some) of Katie and Matt between their engagement session, Katie’s bridal, the teaser from their wedding, and (soon) their wedding recap… well, here’s more Katie and Matt to fill your days :).

Their engagement session was featured on Fresh Squeezed Weddings last month, just about two weeks before their wedding day!  Perfect timing, and what a sweet, wonderful feature for this absolutely perfect couple.

While you’re on the site, poke around a little bit – Courtney does a great job of finding and showing really interesting, *good* photography, images that tell stories and show real interaction and emotion.  It’s rather rare in the wedding blogosphere to find a blogger that doesn’t only show the detail shots plus a couple of obligatory posed pictures of the bride and groom (usually looking dour and/or holding vintage suitcases and/or balloons in an open field/dark alley/meadow/city street).   I’ve been following Courtney’s posts for a little while now, and I definitely think she has got an eye for journalistic photography, the kinds of photos that the *clients* talk about for years later, the ones that mean something to the people involved.  I like that a lot, so I like Fresh Squeezed Weddings a lot, and I think you should too!


Wilmington NC engagement session feature