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featured in Offbeat Mama!

Casey and Joseph’s portrait session was very special for me.  Witnessing such a calm, peaceful, and shamelessly loving duo as they laughed and romped and played together; watching them write thoughts, little one-word messages to one another; listening to their giggles and inside jokes; knowing that this kind of relationship only exists between moms and their kids… I got the world out of this, truly.  I loved imagining the bean and I in our own special setting… probably something a little more kitschy to suit Miss Bean’s nutty taste, something a little sillier and probably not nearly as involved, since neither beanie nor I can sit through so much as a 30-minute sitcom without finding something else to do.  On second thought, we probably won’t be getting a mommy-daughter portrait session done.  But I still got to see this one happen, got to capture the moments that spoke to me, moments I hoped that both Casey and Joseph would remember as being THE moments.

So you can imagine my utter delight when this very special, very unique portrait session was picked up by Offbeat Mama.  There’s probably no more perfect place to show these off, after all – Casey IS offbeat, and being Joseph’s mom is somewhat core to her personality, so the feature was almost a no-brainer.  But it isn’t easy to get into some of the more genre’d websites, they’re pretty picky about who and what they show, and Offbeat is known for rejecting weddings and sessions because they’re just too banal, normal, uninteresting.  So for them to accept this session… well, I knew it was a special collection of images, but that sort of sealed it for me.

Here’s the feature:

Offbeat Mama mother son portrait session feature