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featured on Poptastic Bride!

I think I’ve already told you how much I love – and I mean LOVE – Poptastic Bride.   Cynthia features real weddings.  By that, I mean she features weddings that are real – with budgets that range from minuscule to unfathomable,  decor that ranges from nonexistent to over the top,  themes that range from the banal to the bizarre… she features real weddings.  There’s no minimum or maximum budget to get attention from Poptastic Bride.  You don’t have to be tattooed or pierced, you don’t have to be blonde or six feet tall, and your details don’t have to be stripped right out of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Or, you know, they can be!  Because Cynthia looks for weddings that move her and that make her look twice.  She looks for emotion and interaction, relationships, the intangibles.  Without regard to the “blogworthy-ness” (which I’m telling you will be a dictionary word within three years) of the wedding, other than ensuring that the photography is good, clean, consistent, and creative – and that she gets a good feeling about the wedding, the couple, and the photographer.

You just can’t ask for a more objective and *awesome* critic to review your work and choose to feature it.  And Cynthia has chosen us TWICE!  First when she published Martha and Neil back over the winter, and then again, this time, with Zoe and Kenyon’s adorable Christmastime wedding.

Here’s the feature, and please take some time to poke around Poptastic Bride while you’re over there, because there’s some really excellent photography, wonderful weddings, and fantastic music being shown on that site ALL THE TIME (Cynthia is a hardworking blogger!)

Alexandria VA wedding featured on Poptastic Bride