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featured x 3: Catherine and David

Well, this is probably as close to “viral” as I’ll ever get, social-media-wise… Cat and David’s wedding was featured on three different wedding blogs in the span of like two months. I attribute that wedding’s popularity to Cat’s incredible taste, her wonderful color scheme (yellow and gray, so elegant), the stormy beach… I mean, it pretty much had everything. Good photos were just the cherry on top 😉

The first blog to pick it up was this gorgeous, understated, simple and elegant blog, A Thousand Threads:


Wrightsville Beach wedding featured on A Thousand Threads


Then, The Lovely Find wrote about the incredible details that Cat and her mom put together:


Wrightsville Beach wedding featured on The Lovely Find


And THEN, the Inspired Beach Weddings blog wrote a fantastic and engaging piece about the wedding, and included a whole bunch of pictures:


Wrightsville Beach Wedding featured by Inspired Beach Weddings


I find it interesting to see how different writers choose to show the same wedding… the images they select, the stories they write about, the details they focus on. Click through and have fun reading about the same wedding, told three different ways!