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Sujan and Hersh: A Fort Fisher Engagement Session

The only thing Sujan and Hersh told us when we were planning their engagement session was that we had to stop by Britt’s Donuts.  They weren’t driving all the way down to Wilmington without a stop on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk for some hot, delicious, flaky, fluffy, mildly sweet disks of heaven.  So, we started the day at Fort Fisher, one of my personal favorite spots…

From Fort Fisher, we headed up to Carolina Beach and swung into the Boardwalk shops for some photos and some Britt’s… which, much to the complete disbelief of Hersh and Sujan, we’d never had before that day!  They were kind enough to buy us some donuts so we could try them and… seriously… everyone is right about these.  They’re joygasmic.  If you try them once, you’ll never be satisfied eating Krispy Kreme or Dunkin anymore.  They’re just that good.  Damn you Hersh and Sujan for introducing us to these heavenly morsels!  I’m starving just writing this!

We headed downtown because we always head downtown, and stopped in at the Italian Market for a few cups of coffee and some cute snuggly times

And, right before the sky basically opened up and drowned the city in flash storms, we wrapped it up on the riverwalk and the steps of the Federal Courthouse.  This was one of the most enjoyable engagement sessions we’ve shot in years.  These two are SO easy to work with, they just melt right into the perfect poses EVERY TIME, they both have this dry, quirky sense of humor, they’re silly and fun and affectionate and I can’t wait for their wedding this October!  Did you read that the way I typed it, all out of breath and rising octaves?  If not, read it again.  That’s how excited I am about these two.