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Julie + Jake | a Wedding at Cobblestone Hall in Raleigh, NC

“I just wanted to say thank you for perfectly capturing our wedding day!
We love the pictures and are so thankful to have such wonderful images to remember the best day ever!”

It isn’t often that we get to photograph a true winter wedding.  Mike and I chose the winter season for our own wedding, and we’re always impressed when other couples do the same.  There’s something just a little quieter about the winter.  A little sweeter.  Hot cocoa and crackling fires, twinkle lights, and that drop-dead-gorgeous afternoon light.

Julie and Jake made the most of their winter date, from the decor to her accessories – and their reception venue, Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh – couldn’t have been a more perfect scene, with the thousands of twinkle lights strung above the streets leading us there.

We didn’t know a whole lot going into December 7, 2013.  We knew a basic schedule, and we had a good idea of where we were shooting… but everything else unfolded as the day went on.  And that’s, truly, when we do our best work.  No rigid timelines, no panic… just a couple people entering the next phase of their lives.