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katie+matt: a Wrightsville Beach wedding at Lumina Hall

Here’s the thing about Katie and Matt. You can’t not like them. You can try, but it’s just not possible. You could hate Katie for her looks… but then she’d make some ridiculous face and crack a fart joke and you’d suddenly realize she’s not a Grecian statue, she’s just a silly girl who happens to be ten feet tall and built like a dream. You could hate Matt for his chiseled face or his athletic frame… but then he’d tell you some awfully embarrassing story about himself, maybe even sing something in a bad falsetto, and you’d remember that he’s just Matt, all tall and exotic looking but totally, completely, utterly normal. And funny. Crazy funny. They both are.

I’ve known Katie and Matt through mutual friends for years now. YEARS. I don’t remember a Matt without Katie or a Katie without Matt; they’ve gone together from the beginning of time, I think. And anytime I was out with our mutual friends and rumor had it that Katie and Matt MIGHT be coming out too? Everyone got excited. Giddy excited. They are so loved everywhere they go. It’s not like they bring presents or pick up the bar tab or anything. They’re just unassuming, caring, awesome people.

During the toasts, Matt’s dad (oh shoot… or was it Katie’s dad? It was a DAD for sure), said that Matt and Katie were twin souls, soulmates that have joined one another on earth the way they’d always been joined throughout history as stars or spirits or… something ethereal, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the exact words he used (sorry). I totally see it, too – like I said, there’s never been a Katie without a Matt, a Matt without a Katie. They just go. Like popcorn and M&Ms (that might just be my thing, though).

It was an honor to be asked to photograph this wedding. And the engagement session. And the bridal session. And hopefully, one day, if they ever slow down on their careers ;), their family sessions with babies one and two and three and… well, I shouldn’t write their future for them :).

Do yourself a favor and hit play on their first dance song (Jack Johnson’s “Angel) below so you have some appropriate background tunes while you look at their pictures.

Ceremony Venue: Kenan Chapel
Reception Venue: Lumina Hall
Caterer: Middle of the Island
DJ: DJ Professionals
Cake: Sea Salt Bakery