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Mondays are my Sundays… today is the day that I unwind from the weekend (usually filled with travel and shooting and eating on the road), breathe a little slower, catch up on all the photography industry gossip and news, finally check out the YouTube video someone sent me, and relax.  On Mondays I drink a little extra coffee with a little extra soymilk.  I take the longest hot shower, and I blowdry my hair so it’s not a mop of unruly curls.  I download the top five free iphone/ipad apps and play with them while Pandora cycles through my stations.  I make better food decisions, and pretend like the rest of the week will be nutritious and organic.  I return calls to friends and family, and I don’t watch the clock while we chat away.  Mondays are for doing everything I put off since last Tuesday.  Mondays are AWESOME.

Today, I’m doing all of the nothing I can, but I’m also sneak-peeking Saturday’s wedding, which I shot under another studio (Elise Beall Photography out of Jacksonville, NC).  The wedding was in New Bern, a town I’ve never even visited before last weekend (but I’ve driven through it countless times, always getting lost on that 17/70 switch off, and spending an extra 45 minutes just trying to find my way back to 17 North or South).  I’ve really been missing out – New Bern is adorable, and it’s only two hours north of Wilmington… what a lovely place for a getaway!  I told Mike that we need to head up that way this fall, take a breather at a B&B, enjoy each other and the city, its unique little restaurants and hideaways, walk around downtown, maybe pick up some crazy antique statue or something.

So, on top of doing a bunch of nothing and sneak-peeking Saturday’s wedding… I’m daydreaming about our weekend getaway to New Bern.  I’m listening to my Mazzy Star station on Pandora.  I’m sipping coffee with an extra slosh of soymilk.  It’s a really good day.

This image from Saturday perfectly illustrates my Monday.  Serene.  Connected.  Happy.