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more teasers: Amy + Neal, Rebecca + Eric, Dhruti + Andrew, and Steph + Mike!

We’ve been crazy busy around here, between shooting, traveling, adopting a wonderful loving dog (who we’ll introduce in proper form sometime later this week, if time allows), and life-in-general… and it’s so easy for me to forget to update the website every week. So, here’s another roundup of the last few weddings we’ve shot, and a promise that by this coming weekend there will be new content around here! Plus, a special Tenth Anniversary Discount offer that we’ll be announcing in the coming days for new clients! So, stay tuned, keep us in your feeds, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter… you definitely want to see the awesome stuff that’s coming out! Or maybe you don’t, but you should still like us on Facebook because it’s the nice thing to do.


Amy + Neal, The Oceanic at Wrightsville Beach

So, first up: Amy and Neal. Seriously, just wait till you see this wedding in its entirety. It was the most fun, honest, down to earth, hard-rock, kick ass wedding I’ve seen in forever. I wish I could promise that Mike’s and my own wedding will be as much fun, as much raucous AWESOME, but I know it won’t. It takes a delicate special balance of the right personalities to turn a normal wedding into something EPIC. Amy and Neal have that balance. Their friends, their families, and the BIGNESS of their own incredible souls… all of that combined to create something I’ll never be able to adequately describe in words.



Rebecca + Eric, The City Club at de Rosset

Then came Rebecca and Eric’s wedding. This was one of those truly sweet, intimate, personalized weddings that you usually only see on the wedding blogs. Rebecca had every detail planned and executed to perfection, focusing on everything that really mattered to them as a couple, and not even bothering with all the crap that plain didn’t matter to them. It was sophisticated yet fun, adult yet silly… just like the newlyweds.

Less than a week after Rebecca and Eric’s wedding, Dhruti and Andrew had their two-day event up in the Rocky Mount part of NC. Yet another wedding that I could talk about for hours and still not quite describe it perfectly. They had every element – an Asian fusion theme, incredible lavish decor, wonderful down home Indian food, and a fantastic music mix for the insanely dance-riffic reception. I won’t lie, though – with over 7,000 raw images in the initial download, I am not exactly looking forward to editing this one :).



Steph + Mike, Spyglass Ridge Winery, Sunbury PA

And, finally, Steph and Mike. I’m not sure how we get so lucky in this business. Somehow, the right people always find us. Steph found me from all the way up in Pennsylvania through a mundane but still interesting chain of events – she was looking for bridesmaid dress ideas, and a friend told her to look at a friend of another friend’s facebook photos from a wedding that she had been in a while back (whew!). Steph didn’t much care for the bridesmaid dresses in the picture, but she said she fell in love with the image, and followed links to find my page… and decided that she had to have me at her wedding. And I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that she did, because her wedding was AWESOME. Steph and Mike are relaxed, funny, adorable people with incredible backgrounds and jobs and friends and families… I wish I could spend a weekend just hanging out with them and hearing all about their lives.


We’ve got a ton of stuff to share with you soon – new dog, tenth year in business, our own developing wedding plans, all these weddings, upcoming engagement shoots… I wish I could split myself in two and have one editing Charo and one blogging/facebooking/tweeting/marketing Charo. If anyone has any clever ideas on how to make that magic happen, I’m all ears!