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elizabeth+dan: oak island beachy beachiness

beach wedding at oak island north carolina by charo and mike

For a slight change of pace (and you’ll thank me for this, I’m sure), I’ve decided to sit back and let the photos do the talking for the next few posts. See, I’ve got this cold that Mike gave me (yes, he gets all the blame), I’ve got a splitting headache, my nose won’t stop running, and I’ve lost my voice. But I have GOT to get our blog updated after spending most of the fall barely even touching it. It’s long overdue. But rather than bore everyone with 1,200 word essays on each of the next few weddings, I’m gonna post photos, get these online, and then lie down for a Nyquil Nap.

But before I stop typing, let me just tell you that Elizabeth and Dan are two quirky urbanites from Chicago who chose Oak Island for their wedding because their families had vacationed here every summer since they were kids. This was one of those weddings, and they don’t happen often, where the couple is so involved with their friends that we don’t really get a chance to talk to them much, or learn much about them other than what we observe. So I can tell you that Elizabeth has the most adorable expressions, and she’s positively giddy whenever Dan is near. Dan’s a bit aloof, definitely has his mind in a dozen places at once, and had a blast playing iPad DJ for the reception. According to the toasts, Dan has a heart of gold and would drop anything and everything to help a friend in need. And Elizabeth is every bit as sweet, caring, charming, and loved as the pictures below imply. Their families spent almost as much time on the dance floor as the kids did, and the music variety was off-the-charts. EVERYONE that was there, from the guests to the waitstaff to the passersby, had the time of their lives. We left exhausted and completely satisfied that we’d just witnessed one of the most fun, well-planned, and beautiful weddings of 2012.

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