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Old Town Alexandria Wedding | Zoe + Kenyon [+Ben]

I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up the 2011 wedding season. Zoe and Kenyon had THAT wedding – the one that reminds you what marriage, love, laughter, and friendship are all about. With only a handful of guests and a small assortment of (delicious) details, this wedding was about the marriage. The future. And the hilarity that gets you through every day together as partners and friends. Mike and I agreed – this is the kind of wedding we want to have. (Though, to be quite honest, I think we’ll try for a warmer day…)

Zoe did most of the planning and detail-making herself. And, fortunately for us, she’s an artist and graphic designer in real life… so the details were exquisite.

I *love* weddings like this. No formality, no hushed voices, no worries over kids talking, babies crying, guests coughing, text messages chiming in. You always get the feeling that the couples who choose to have these informal, relaxed, welcoming ceremonies are exactly like that in their private lives – open door, comfy couch, time enough for everyone. Shooting a wedding like this makes you feel like you’re a part of their family, too. Like you’re watching TV on their big comfy couch, sipping coffee and laughing at their jokes. Warm, cozy, familiar. It’s hard not to smile and laugh and cry along with the families, even when you don’t get the inside jokes. There’s nothing quite like a small wedding.

Happy Holidays, you three. We LOVED working with you, we can’t WAIT to finish up your edit so we can re-live the day through your photos… and we hope to stay in touch with you for years to come. Thank you so much for having us. We couldn’t have picked a better way to spend that weekend.


Venue: The Lorien Hotel and Spa
Details, Flowers, Decorations: Zoe and Nunu