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Priya + Mike | an Indian Wedding at the Renaissance Grand in St. Louis

You’ve taken the light from the sky high above
You’ve captured the blue from the violets empty
You’ve borrowed your smile from the sun in the sky
For you are a rogue and your thievings extensive
You had stolen my heart with your true Irish Eyes

An Indian wedding with a few dashes of Irish (whiskey, songs, eyes).  This was our second time shooting an Indian wedding in St. Louis, this time at the Renaissance Grand, which is the same venue that hosted Jaya and Avi’s Sangeet in 2011.

Elegant, understated, perfectly executed, and full of the kindest people we have probably ever met.  I can’t describe it any better than that.  I wish I could write words that bring to life what it felt like to be part of their day.  To be in the presence of such gentle, passionate, lovely people, and to watch them take seven steps toward their future together.  I don’t have the words, but I do have the photos.  I hope these give you a glimpse into what it was like on that day.