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UNC Engagement Session: Dhruti and Andrew


So check this out. Dhruti and Andrew are getting married in June, in a tiny town near Rocky Mount, NC. They’re having a traditional Indian wedding, but they’re also infusing some Chinese elements as well, in honor of Andrew’s heritage – so there will be an Indian baraat… with a Chinese dragon dance. An Indian ceremony, with a Chinese tea ceremony. Indian AND Chinese food through the entire weekend. Are you kidding me?!?! Yeah, we’ll be there 😉

Mike and I met up with these two at their alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill, to take a tour of their beloved campus, talk about the big (huge!) wedding plans, and, well, get some pretty pictures. We walked EVERYWHERE, from Franklin Street and Top of the Hill, to the Old Well (where we waited… and waited… aaaaand waited for our turn to take pictures), even got to witness a surprise proposal right in front of the Old Well (got pictures of that, too, but we won’t be showing them out of respect for the hired photographer, and the couple – whose names I never caught, but what an awesome proposal it was!). We visited the rose garden, of course had to stop at The Pit, took some gorgeous sun-backed shots in the Quad, and even got the entire football stadium to ourselves. We did try to sneak into the Dean Smith Center at the very end of the shoot, because COME ON HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Engagement pictures on the Tarheels Court? But, alas… they were shut down for the day :(. We tried. Still got some shots in front of it, but it’s not quite the same.

I really do love the UNC Campus… even though most sessions seem to take the same route and use the same landmarks ;), there’s always something new to see, and the grounds are just gorgeous. And it’s been nice to have more excuses to get back up to Chapel Hill lately, it’s such a cool little town.

Let’s look at pictures now, yeah?


Dhruti brought some props after seeing so many engagement sessions on the wedding blogs that use umbrellas, balloons, furniture, suitcases, etc. I’ll admit, I don’t really know what to do with props. I just… well, I don’t do styled shoots! I guess I just feel that my photography is more honest when we use our environment and our personalities to create images that reflect who and where we are… and I’ve never really thought that a bunch of balloons would add to that statement, right? But I also only have three pairs of shoes, and my musical taste hasn’t advanced since 1994, so I’m certainly not saying I’m right ;). Anyway, where was I? OH! The props! Since I didn’t know what to do with them, and Dhruti and Andrew didn’t know what to do with them, we all just sort of stood there with these adorable umbrellas… and laughed. And even though they’re not sinister or stylized, I still think these shots are super cute :).


And a cute patterned umbrella makes a great portrait background, turns out! Also: how fantastically darling is Dhruti? Right?


I completely love this shot. I think it’s going to have to be added to my permanent favorites collection, up in the header of our website.


We can not WAIT for this wedding. For soooo many reasons – I mean, it will be just plain awesome between the decor and the traditions and the amazing colors and energy and aaaahhhh!!! Plus, this couple is so sweet and easygoing, and completely EASY to shoot… we’re showing what seems like a lot of photos in this post, but truth be told we could have shown three times this many, and you still wouldn’t see every location, every expression, every pose. They’re just FINE in front of the camera, which means that the umpteen hours we will spend with them on their wedding weekend will (should!) just fly right by :). You gotta love that!