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Downtown Wilmington Riverfront Engagement Session

Look at that gorgeous winter light! Blaire and Yuri drove all the way down to the coast from Charlotte for their engagement session over the winter. I had the chance to brush up on my sign language, and the pure pleasure of watching this couple communicate in glances and gestures, exaggerated motions and expressions, through touches and smiles. We spent as much time as we could along the Cape Fear River until we started losing light (the sun goes down pretty fast in the winter!), and then we ran off to our local used bookstore, Old Books on Front, which they said reminded them a whole lot of the spot they spent their first date.

For Wilmington area engagement sessions, we really think that the downtown and riverfront area offer the most variety and fun locations, from natural and scenic to urban and gritty to modern and clean, it really has everything you could possibly want within just a few block-area.