Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers | Charo and Mike

will Charo and Mike be the photographers at my wedding?
Yes. We do not subcontract your wedding out to other photographers, ever.

what if you guys get in an accident or die?
If we die, we won’t be shooting your wedding. But we belong to several local, regional, and national networks of responsible and incredibly caring photographers who will fight over the chance to jump in and take over where we left off. The photographic community is surprisingly close-knit and responsive; we have yet to hear of a well-connected photographer being left in the lurch in an emergency. Sidenote: way to go all dark and morbid on us.

but what if you get sick?
Several of the photos in our portfolio gallery and on the blog were taken during the following ailments: a torn achilles tendon; a broken hand, an abscessed tooth; the flu; mononucleosis; food poisoning; broken toes; sprained ankles and knees; and near-fainting levels of hunger (some venues and/or couples just don’t think photographers should get to eat during a 12 hour workday!). We still made kick-ass photos, because this is our job, and we do it professionally and perfectly every single time, no matter how our personal lives shift and curve ball us.

can we see an entire wedding from start to finish? we want to get a better idea of how you shoot.
Of course! Just ask us - we’re happy to send you a few links to view complete coverages online.

do you require that we do a first look before the ceremony?
Nope. We won’t discourage you if you have your heart set on a first look… but before you make the decision to have one, ask yourself this: are we seeing each other before the ceremony because WE want to, or is it because a magazine/blog/friend told us we would get more photos or more time for photos or some other photo related thing?

If you’re considering a first look only because of the photos (but you’d rather have the dramatic end-of-the-aisle experience), just go ahead and nix the first look; we have never found the photos to be better/easier/less time consuming with a first look versus without. But if the first look really is about the two of you and your time together before the craziness starts? Then yes. Do that.

For what it’s worth, we’ve never heard any couple say that they regret having or not having a first look. Somehow, no matter what you do, if you get married in the end? Everything you did was perfect. So try not to fret too much over this!

how many photos do you take?
Most of our couples end up with around 600-900 edited photos in their collection (around 100 photographs for every hour of wedding day coverage).

do you edit every photo that you deliver?
Yep! We don’t deliver your images “straight out of camera” - each delivered photo is given a levels, exposure, color, and cropping run (by Charo) before anyone sees it.

I have a pinterest board of super cute poses that I want recreated for my wedding.
Cool! Send it to us! We won’t copy those poses, but they will give us an idea of what kind of photos you enjoy. On your wedding day, we’ll try to find ways to incorporate those types of shots organically, so that in the end you don’t have a “copycat” collection of photos, but your very own originals that actually reveal your personalities and the vibe of your wedding day.

should we give you a list of “must take” photos?
Except for the formal group shots, we don’t work off lists. Those lists you find in the wedding magazines and blogs are so silly - “make sure your photographer gets a shot of the cake.” Well of course we’ll shoot the cake! And the shoes, and the dress, and the part where your dad sees you in your dress for the first time, and the kiss, and the ring exchange, the toasts… we’re there with you all day, and the only thing we’ll be doing is documenting you! After 450-ish weddings, we’ve got that “must take” list down, I promise.

we hate having our picture taken - do you have tricks to make us feel and look better in photos?
We have an awesome trick - it’s called “relaxing”. When your photographers are relaxed and in control, suddenly you feel a lot more like yourself, and less like a subject posing in front of a camera. In fact, most of the photos we take of you will be unposed. We might make a suggestion or two to help refine your bodies into more comfortable positions, but ultimately what we’re there to capture is what happens naturally. And when two people who love each other are left alone to be natural together? We get gorgeous photos like the ones you see all over our portfolio.

i don’t like my chin/arms/nose/hairline/hair color. you can fix it in photoshop, right?
You don’t need “fixing”! If you really hate something about yourself, do us a favor and tell us ahead of time. We’ll be sensitive to your concerns, and try to photograph you in ways that minimize the part you dislike. A lot of time, just wearing the right dress, or having the right makeup and hair artist, is the difference between feeling self conscious and feeling like you freaking rule the world.

do you have any bridezilla stories, or other horrible wedding experiences?
We hate to disappoint you, but no, we really don’t. I mean, sure, we’ve had weather mishaps, and we’ve watched couples make strange decisions about their timelines that we would probably have advised them against if we’d had the chance… but no lie, we have never had any true bridezillas or any reality-show-worthy stories to tell. Knock on wood.

will you shoot our engagement/bridal/newlywed photos too?
We would be delighted! We have one session option (our “neverending portrait session”), which includes the edited high resolution digital files, an online gallery, and all the on-location shooting time we need to get the most perfect collection of images for you.

will you travel for weddings?
We travel for weddings all the time! You can usually find us shooting in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina… but we usually do end up with a few weddings every year in faraway places, like Hawaii, Washington State, New York City, Florida, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago to name just a few.

how do we reserve you for our wedding?
After we’ve talked about your wedding and configured the absolute perfect photography package for you, we’ll draft up a contract that outlines the whole scoop, ready for your electronic signature. Once the contract is executed, you’ll receive an emailed invoice for the first ⅓ of your total contract amount, which you can pay online or by check. Once that retainer fee is paid, your date is 100% yours and you can stop worrying about photography for the rest of your fabulous lives.

we found another photographer who said he will beat your price and throw in a bunch of extra stuff.
That sounds awesome! You should totally hire that photographer if you like their work more than you like ours!

can you knock off the sales tax if we pay you in cash, under the table?

how do you stay so fit and attractive?
just kidding, no one has ever asked us that.