Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers | Charo and Mike

how experienced are you with Indian weddings?
We've been photographing Indian weddings since 2007. We have photographed every part of a traditional Hindu wedding, including the Sangeet, Mehendi, Grahashanti, Garba, and other pre-wedding day festivities, and of course all the wedding day poojas and the baarat or baraat, ceremonies, receptions. We have photographed many Indian fusion weddings as well, which mixed traditions from India and from China, Taiwan, America, and many other cultural wedding traditions as well.

how many hours of coverage will we need?
We have found that most Desi weddings require at least twelve hours of wedding day coverage, and sometimes up to and exceeding 18 hours! Most weddings will fall somewhere between those numbers. We also suggest no fewer than three hours of coverage for every pre-wedding day event that you want photographed, like your Grahashanti and/or Pithi ceremonies, or Mehendi/Mehndi parties, or a Sangeet or Garba Dance.

but that sounds like so many hours, can't we do it in like eight?
Once we have worked with you to create your wedding weekend timeline, we'll be able to see exactly how much time you will need. I can tell you for sure that the very shortest Indian wedding coverage we have ever done was for 10 hours, and the couple had us skip the getting ready photos and all of the dancing at the reception! Indian wedding days are pretty long, very involved, with a lot of moving parts, and we don't feel that your photographic story is complete without the stories of the getting ready all the way through the dancing at the reception. And that typically means we'll be with you for anywhere from 12 to 18 hours on the day of your wedding!

we will have at least 500 guests - can you handle it?
Totally. We have photographed weddings with nearly a thousand guests, and we survived to tell about it!

can we see an entire wedding from start to finish? we want to get a better idea of how you shoot.
Of course! Just ask us - we’re happy to send you a few links to view complete coverages online.

my uncle will have his camera, too - is that okay?
Trust us, it will be more than just one uncle! We are totally fine with all the uncles who will surely want to get photos all day and night. If anyone truly gets in the way of us doing our job, we'll politely let them know (and this is rarely an issue), but we certainly won't restrict your uncles and aunties from capturing their own memories of the day.

how many photos do you take?

Because Indian weddings have so much activity and excitement, we tend to shoot more and deliver more images in the end than we do at a western wedding. Most of our Indian couples end up with around 125 edited photos for every hour of coverage.

do you edit every photo that you deliver?
Yep! We don’t deliver your images “straight out of camera” - each delivered photo is given a levels, exposure, color, and cropping run (by Charo) before anyone sees it.

should we give you a list of “must take” photos?
Please do compile a list of necessary family photos - talk with your moms and dads to find out what family members may be traveling in from afar, and which parts of the family must be photographed at the mandap. We will need a copy of this list, and we will also need at least one representative from each family to help us round up the family members for the formal photos. We do have some tips and tricks to make this part easier, so when we start working on this part of your wedding we'll give you some ideas!

Other than the formal family photos, we won't need any reminders on what to photograph, unless there is something highly unusual or a particular family member that you want us to pay extra attention to!

will you shoot our engagement photos too?

We would be delighted! We have one session option (our “neverending portrait session”), which includes the edited high resolution digital files, an online gallery, and all the on-location shooting time we need to get the most perfect collection of images for you.

will you travel for weddings?
We travel for weddings all the time! You can usually find us shooting in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina… but we usually do end up with a few weddings every year in faraway places, like Hawaii, Washington State, New York City, Florida, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago to name just a few.

how do we reserve you for our wedding?
It’s super easy! After we’ve talked about your wedding and configured the absolute perfect photography package for you, we’ll draft up a contract that outlines the whole scoop, ready for your electronic signature. Once the contract is executed, you’ll receive an emailed invoice for the first ⅓ of your total contract amount, which you can pay online or by check. Once that retainer fee is paid, your date is 100% yours and you can stop worrying about photography for the rest of your fabulous lives.

can we buy you a drink?

We though you would never ask.